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What is Hosing or Web Hosting?

What is Hosing or Web Hosting? is a common question asked by beginners frequently. In this article we are going to explain hosting definition, its need, types and other details.

Definition of Web Hosting:

A computer server is need to make a website live and accessible around the globe via internet. This computer server should be stay switched on 24/7 and connected with fast internet connection. This computer server is called ‘Hosting server or Web Hosting’.

In other words Web Hosting is a computer server which is connected with internet and had a hard disk to share space for files storage/host websites and could be access via http (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). Hosting providers provides a hard disk space to its clients where client can store his website files like html files, images, php files, videos, pdf files etc.

Web hosting servers are not like a simple computer CPU. Its processors, RAM, Hard disk and other hardware should be more powerful and advanced then a normal PC.

Hosting Charges

Cost matters, so the hosting companies charge from its clients monthly or yearly basis. These charges varies depending on hosting space, type of server and other facilities. There are hundreds of hosting providers which are providing different hosting plans.

Now the questions are;

  1. What are hosting types/kinds?
  2. How much a hosting cost?
  3. Selection of web hosting
  4. How to purchase a hosting?
  5. Cost of Web hosting
  6. Uploading website on hosting server.

We will answer all these questions one by one in our next articles. Keep reading our articles and subscribe our newsletter to get notifications for upcoming articles.

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