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What is domain or domain name?

For beginners it is important to know that what is a domain or domain name? Beginners became confuse in terms like domain, URL, website, hosting etc. So we will explain in this article definition of domain in simple and technical words.

Simple Definition of Domain

A domain name is an address of your website which public use to access your website. So your website is collection of HTML, CSS, PHP etc. files which are hosted on a hosting. While domain name is the address of your hosted files. You can say that your website is like a mobile sim and domain is its cell phone number. If someone want to contact you, he/she will dial your cell phone number, same when someone want to access your website he/she will type your website domain name in his/her web browser address bar. For instance is a domain to access google search engine website.

Technical Definition of Domain

Each website is hosted on a hosting server (To know about hosting server read article What is hosting?). And hosting server has its IP address which allows to access this server’s files (website). Using IP address for accessing website on a server is not user friendly. So the Domain Name System (DNS) has made a user friendly address which is connected with specific IP of a hosting server via hosting nameserver. So when you type a domain in address bar, this domain redirect you to the IP of that server.

What is DNS?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is like phonebook of the Internet. This system is managed by an organization named ‘Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)’. This system makes a user friendly address to access IP of hosting server.

Parts of Domain

Domain name is typically divided in two or three parts. For example has two parts, while has three parts. Each part separated via a dot.

From left first part is name of your website and it calls 2LD also. And 2nd part after dot is call TLD.

What is domain TLD?

Top-Level Domain (TLD) refers to the last part of a domain immediately after the “dot”. For example in last part is ‘com’ it is called TLD.

TLDs are Commonly divided into two kinds, Generic TLDs and country-specific TLDs.

Generic TLDs are common TLDs and could be use by for non-government organizations/business. While country-specific TLDs are country code top-level domain (ccTLD), which represent a specific country.

Some famous Generic TLDs examples are .com, .net, .org and country-specific TLDs are like .us (For USA) .uk (For United Kingdom) and .cn (For China).

How can I get a domain?

As we told before that domains are controlled by an organization named ‘Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)’. This organization allows registrars to sell names. So you have to purchase domain from any domain registrar.

How to purchase a domain?

You have known about basics of domain, now need to know how to purchase it?

So we have explained complete method of domain purchasing in our following article;

How to purchase a domain name?

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