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Web Hosting cPanel

After Purchasing Hosting and getting login to cPanel now its time to understand web hosting cPanel. Before explaining cPanel groups and tools, we should understand the basic purpose of hosting cPanel.

What is Web Hosting cPanel?

A Hosting cPanel is a control panel which allows user to upload website from his local computer to web hosting server, creating emails, creating databases, managing addon/subdomains and all other tasks regarding web hosting.

How to login into hosting cPanel?

When you purchase a hosting from any company, that company will provide you a link to login into cPanel. So ask your hosting company for cPanel login URL, login username and password. Usually cPanel could be access by typing /cpanel after domain name. For example

Hosting cPanel groups:

When you login to your hosting cPanel you will see something like following picture. There will be different groups of tools in this cPanel.

You can see a group names by “Email” 2nd group “Files” third group “Databases” and each group have tools in it. Each of these groups have many tools to manage different operations. we will explain important tools in our articles.

Emails Group

This group consist all tools regarding business email accounts against your domain names. As you know that there are many companies provide free email service like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. But for an official business email address there will be need of an purchased domain name. Then you will be able to create email accounts against this domain.

For example you purchased a domain name and you want to create an email against this domain so you can follow instructions in our following articles;

Creating Email Account in hosting cPanel (Click here to read the article)

Accessing Business email account from computer (Click here)

Login into business email account via mobile app (Gmail App)

Files Group

It is very important group in cPanel. You can access your hosting server root directory from “File Manager” and can upload website there. From “FTP Accounts” you can create FTP accounts to upload data. Backup of website also could created from “Backup” Option.

I have explained how to upload data on hosting using File Manager in my article ‘Uploading Website on Hosting‘. Read this article. FTP Account details also shared in this article.

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