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Types and Kinds of Hosting

There are different types and kinds of a web hosting (If you don’t know that what is a web hosting, then read our articles What is Hosting or Web Hosting?). We can classified types and kinds of hosting in following basic four kinds;

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Reseller Hosting
  3. VPS Hosting
  4. Dedicated Hosting

We will introduce each hosting in this article. For complete details of each hosting, visit its detail page.

Shared Hosting

A server which has been shared with different clients and all clients are sharing same resources of server like RAM and CPU, so many domains hosted in one computer server is called Shared Hosting and each client is using only his cPanel to access his allocated space but no client have access to WHM or root directory (WHM will be explained in Reseller Hosting).

Hosting cPanel Screenshot

Reseller Hosting

In a Reseller Hosting you can create packages for your clients (Hosting Space, limitation of addon-domains and databases and other services) using WHM. WHM is a reseller cPanel where reseller can create packages and assign different plans to his clients. But reseller hosting also maybe shared or dedicated. Which hosting is better for you, it will be explain in our article ‘How to select a web hosting’.

WHM cPanel Screenshot

VPS Hosting

In Virtual Private Server (VPS) you have some dedicated resources which are not being shared with other clients. For example if the server has 8 GB of RAM, your VPS might get 1 GB of that 8 GB of RAM, it’s 100% yours. But in VPS complete server has not been dedicated to you. Dedicated Hosting When you purchase a Dedicated Hosting (Which is most expensive hosting) you purchase whole resources from hosting providers. In dedicated server entire physical server has been dedicated for you, no one have any share with you in that server.

Which Hosting is best?

Now the question is that which type of hosting will be more better for you? Which type of hosting you should purchase? So before deciding it you must know about hosting cost according to their feature. Yes, It maters. You should know that what you should know before selecting a hosting. So we have write about hosting cost and features in our article ‘How much a hosting costs?‘. Read this article 1st and then we will tell you about choosing best hosting plan for you website in our article ‘Selection of web hosting‘. And we have explained how to purchase a web hosing in our this article (Click here).

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