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Selection of Web hosting

It is most important to understand all hosting types and feature before selection of web hosting. If you don’t know about hosting types and kinds just read our article ‘hosting types and kinds‘. And it is important to know that which features should check before purchasing a hosting, so read our article ‘Hosting pre purchase check list‘.

Let’s read about Selection of Web hosting now.

Hosting for Simple and less data website

If you have planed to design a simple company/Institute profile website (Maximum 100 pages website), so you should purchase a small shared hosting. In this type of website 1GB to 3GB hosting space will be enough.

For starting small web hosting business

If you want to start small web hosting business, you should buy reseller hosting. In reseller you can create your own hosting packages as per client requirements.

Many entrepreneurs are running this type hosting business and earning thousand dollars yearly. In a reseller hosting you have a WHM cPanel which allows you create your own hosting packages.

Professional level business hosting

If you are planning a professional website like social networking website, video sharing website or other large data website, so you should purchase VPS or Dedicated hosting.

We have explained VPS and Dedicated hosting in our article ‘Kinds and types of hosting‘ and for cost and price comparison read our article ‘Cost of web hosting‘.

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