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How to purchase a domain?

When you planned to develop a website, you must have think about How to purchase a domain? Yes, it is important to launch a website that you have a hosting and domain name. We explained all about hosting in our article ‘What is hosting?’.

As I told in my article What is domain or domain name? that domains are mainly classified into two categories: generic domains and country-specific domains.

Example of Generic domains are .com, net, org domains and instance of country country-specific domains (For USA) .uk (For United Kingdom) and .cn (For China).

We will cover following topics in this article.

PurchasingĀ  Generic Domain.

It most easy job to purchase non-country specific or generic domains. And almost all domain registrars like GoDaddy, Namecheap etc. offers almost all famous TLDs.

Note: You can purchase a domain name which is available for sale and no one already has purchased it. If your name already has purchased by someone and registered by anyone else, so you should search other possibility until you find available name.

Purchasing domain from GoDaddy

GoDaddy is partner of Google and most famous domain registrar in the world. It provides very user friendly cPanel for its customers to manage all tasks of domain like changing nameserver, cancelling auto renewal, transferring ownership etc.

Step 1. Go to GoDaddy

Step 2. Search domain name availability.


Step 3. Search until find an available domain. Usually it is very hard to find your domain name at first time.


Step 4. When you find a domain name available to purchase click on Add to cart button.

Note: Price showing on this page it is 1st time purchase price which is discounted price. You should check renewal charges also.

Step 5. Click on Continue to cart button.


Step 6. GoDaddy will offer you some addons like ‘Domain Protection’, ‘Emails’ etc. Each Addon will be charged. You can uncheck all addons if not required (Uncheck all it is recommended). If you are using a hosting for website, you can create emails in hosting, so no need to purchase emails from GoDaddy.

Step 7. Click on Continue to Cart Button.


Step 8. In checkout page select the duration. It is 2 years by default, but you can choose as you wish. Then click on ‘I’m ready to pay‘ Button.

Step 9. Now login via your Gmail, Facebook or any other email address.

Step 10. Select your payment method. You can pay via your debit/credit card or via PayPal.

Step 11. Pay and the domain has been registered. That’s done.

Connect the domain with hosting.

You have purchased domain name, but you have to connect this domain with hosting. If you don’t know about hosting, read our article ‘What is hosting or web hosting?‘.

For connecting this domain with hosting you are required name server of hosting. I have explained details of connecting domain with hosting in my article ‘Connect Domain with hosting by updating nameserver‘.

Purchasing country-specific domain.

A country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is the domain which represent a specific country like .us (For USA) .uk (For United Kingdom) and .cn (For China) (read details).

These type domains usually sold by specific registrar. List of all country-specific domains along with their registrar could be find in this wikipedia link (click here).

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