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Hosting pre purchase check list

Before knowing about Hosting pre purchase check list, you should learn first about hosting types and choosing of hosting. So read our articles Kinds and Types of Hosting and Selection of hosting.

Once you have decided to purchase either shared, reseller, dedicated or VPS hosting, you should read reviews of users about hosting companies. There are hundreds of hosting companies providing different hosting packages. But only cost doesn’t mater. You must check the following check list before purchasing a web hosting.

Check list for shared hosting (Pre-purchase):

  1. cPanel features
  2. One-click Installation
  3. Easy site backup
  4. Online Technical Support via live chat/ticket 24/7
  5. Server Security
  6. SSL Certificate
  7. Number of Addon domains
  8.  Number of inode files in a cPanel
  9. Server location
  10. 1st purchase price and renewal charges
  11. Trial and refund policy

Now I will explain these points in short.

1. cPanel feature

Alost all hosting provides basic options and features in cPanel. But some hosting companies provides limited features. So It is important to ask from hosting providers about cPanel features before purchase. For hosting features and option read our article ‘Hosting cPanel features’.

2. One Click Installation

It is very useful feature of web hosting which allows to install all CMSs by simple one click installation. By this feature user can install WordPress, Joomla CMS, phpbb and other all famous CMSs without uploading CMS files.

3. Easy Website backup

Yes, Hosting should provide an easy method to backup the website, emails and database. Some hosting includes these services in their hosting package while some other charge for auto backup. But there should be an easy method for manual backup also.

4. Online Technical Support via live chat/ticket 24/7

Cost of hosting varies by this service. Some big name hosting companies like GoDaddy also do not provide technical support via live chat. They ask for telephone call on USA phone number for technical support which is very costly. So you should clarify it by hosting company that they will provide any technical support via live chat 24/7. Otherwise you will be stuck.

5. Server Security

To protect your website for any hacking, virus and malware Hosting Server should have security and protection modules like Firewall, DDoS pr0tection etc. Some hosting already have some basic security installed on their server while some others charge for security services.

6. SSL Certificate

You may have noticed when you visit a website there will be a green/black lock sign or red lock sign before website address like this;

These signs indicate either the website is SSL certified or not. Actually SSL is a certificate of safe website for browsing. It makes your website trustable. Some hosting offer free SSL while some hosting charges for SSL Certificate on yearly basis.

7. Number of Addon domains

In a shared hosting you can host more then one website if you have purchased a package which allows more addon domains. Addon domains mean adding more websites in a cPanel. So before selection of a hosting package must check the available addon domains limit.

8. Number of inode files in cPanel

It is very important but usually ignored thing in hosting. Hosting companies offer shared hosting with unlimited websites and unlimited space package but actually it is not unlimited. There is a limitation of files on a cPanel which is called inode files. Usually a cPanel have 100,000 to 250,000 files limit. It means you can store limited number of files on a cPanel. So when you host 5 to 7 websites on a cPanel, its inode files limit exceeds and hosting company warn you to delete extra files. So you should confirm from hosting company the limitation of indone files also.

9. Server Location

Some hosting companies install there hosting servers in countries where internet connectivity, electricity or other issue interrupts server’s visibility, uptime, Loading time and its functionality. Best locations for the hosting servers are the countries where internet and electricity issues are more less then others like USA, Hong Kong, UAE etc.

10. 1st time purchase and renewal charges

Most hosting companies charges discounted price at 1st time purchase but they deduct standard charges at time of renewal. So confirm renewal charges also before purchase.

11. Trial and Refund Policy

You should read trial and refund policy before payment. So in case of any error you will be able to refund.

Compare costs of web hosting companies:

Now when you have known all about basics of web hosting types, it features, price, Its time to select a hosting company. We have compared cost of some top hosting companies in our article ‘Cost of web hosting‘ read this article and choose one according to your budget and need.

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