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Connect Domain with hosting by updating nameserver

If you purchased hosting and domain name from different companies then you would Connect Domain with hosting by updating nameserver.

What is nameserver?

Nameserver is actually an easy address of a web hosting. Each hosting server has a unique IP address to access it via hyper text transfer protocol (http). But IP address is not user friendly. So DNS makes an easy and user friendly address for hosting server. A nameserver looks like this;

What is nameserver of my hosting?

Easy way to find nameserver of your hosting is to contact your hosting company. Ask them to provide you nameserver for connecting your domain name with hosting.

Updating/Changing nameserver.

When you purchase domain from a registrar, usually domain registrar sets his own hosting nameserver . While sometimes it asks for updating nameserver during purchase process also. If you have not entered nameserver during purchase process, now you can update it via these steps.

Step 1. Login to your domain registrar website and access to your domain cPanel. I am explaining here GoDaddy domain cPanel because it is most famous registrar.

Step 2. In domain cPanel click on My products (For example in GoDaddy it is on top right side.

Step 3. In this page come to ‘All Products and Services’. Here is list of all domain names you have purchased from GoDaddy. Now click on ‘DNS’ in front of that domain which you want to update its nameserver.

Step 4. Come to ‘Nameserver‘ and click on Change button.

Step 5. Click on ‘Enter my own nameservers (advanced)‘ option.

Step 6. Remove old nameservers and enter new nameservers them click Save button.

That’s done.

But remember It could take 24 to 48 hours for proper updating of nameserver.

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